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6 tips for taking portable sunscreen with you everywhere (and how to reapply it)

Regular application of sunscreen is one of the most important ways to keep your skin healthy.

The research is clear that sunscreen and other forms of sun protection can minimize signs of aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Given how essential sun protection is for your health, we recommend carrying sunscreen with you so you can easily reapply on the go. 

Learn about portable sunscreen and our best tips for keeping it handy and using it often.

What is portable sunscreen?

Portable sunscreen comes in many forms, with the common thread being that it's easy to carry and use on the go. While any small bottle of sunscreen can be portable, there are products that are specifically designed to be easy to take with you.

Here are some common forms: 


Similar to a tube of deodorant, a sunscreen stick is easy to apply to particularly sensitive areas (like your face). Sunscreen sticks are the perfect size to carry in your bag. They leave little mess. That said, it can be difficult to make sure you've covered every spot, and some people feel that the sticks drag across their skin in an uncomfortable way.


Many sunscreen brands sell compact spray bottles of their products. Spray sunscreens can be easier to apply than regular cream sunscreens, with less cleanup, but there are downsides. You need to make sure to apply evenly, and it takes a lot of spraying to get a full, thorough application. If you do choose to use spray sunscreen, avoid spraying your face, as some ingredients in spray sunscreens can be lung irritants. 


Powder sunscreens are easy to apply. They typically come in a tube with a retractable brush that pops out of the tube with the powder sunscreen ready to apply. However, you may need way more than you think in order to get the stated protection. We recommend that you think of powders as a supplement on top of other sunscreen types.

Creams (Coming Soon)

Cream sunscreens can be messy to apply — but we're aiming to change that.

We're launching a sunscreen applicator that makes it easy for you to apply sunscreen mess-free. The portability of the solution, plus its design, is meant to change the status quo of creams being a hassle. Sunscreen creams can be particularly effective for sun protection — so we want them to be particularly enjoyable to use, too!

Why should you carry portable sunscreen?

Scientists continue to prove that sun protection is a key component of any healthy skin routine.

Applying sunscreen daily is an important habit to build. However, even people who apply sunscreen as part of their daily morning routine often neglect to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, increasing their exposure to sun damage.

Portable sun protection is perfect to carry around so you have the opportunity to reapply no matter where your day takes you.

What are useful portable sunscreen tips?

Here are our best tips for keeping your sunscreen handy and ready to reapply at a moment’s notice.

1. Find a sunscreen you love

You are more likely to reach for a product if you enjoy using it.

When it comes to sunscreen, look for a brand whose sunscreen feels luxurious. Whether it's an appealing scent or specific texture, pamper yourself when it comes to your skin and you might find yourself more attentive to reapplying throughout the day.

2. Look for sample sizes

Try looking for free samples of sunscreen at a cosmetic store or ordering smaller sizes from online shops.

Brands will often give out (or sell) smaller sample sizes knowing that you might return to buy a full-sized product. These portable sizes can give you the chance to try out new products to add to your routine.

3. Keep it in sight

Out of sight, out of mind.

You are far more likely to apply and reapply sunscreen if you keep your products in an easily-accessible place. For example, carry it in a pocket in your bag or purse with other commonly used items, like keys. When you’re rummaging through your bag for your keys, you’ll see the small bottle of sunscreen and remember to reapply it.

4. Refresh your skin

It doesn't always feel great to add layers of sunscreen to your skin, especially toward the end of the day.

If you avoid reapplying toward the end of the day when your skin feels less fresh, add some simple face wipes to your portable sun protection kit. You can quickly remove existing layers of product before reapplying your sunscreen, keeping you looking and feeling refreshed.

5. Simplify your routine

You can ensure proper sun protection by keeping sunscreen in an obvious place and making it a part of your routine.

For example, if you wash your face at the sink every morning, place a small bottle of sunscreen next to your cleanser as a reminder. If you like to dig into your snack drawer in the afternoon, put your portable sunscreen in the drawer, too. Having a separate bottle of sunscreen in your gym bag will help you remember to reapply before and after you work out.

6. Cover everything

Safeguarding your skin from the sun means getting full coverage—including your lips. SPF chapstick or lipstick can be a good form of sun protection that is worth carrying with you. Just like with sunscreen, reapply often to ensure maximum protection and avoid sun damage.

Stylish sun protection with portable sunscreen

Now that you know the benefits of portable sunscreen and its many varieties, you can set yourself up for success with your skincare routine and avoid UV damage.