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A quick guide to sunscreen for your hands

Investing in quality sunscreen for your face and neck is always a good decision, but even the most discerning individuals often neglect sun protection for their hands. Our hands are a telling marker of sun damage but often get overlooked in anti-aging regimens. While there's a lot of focus on SPF for the face and neck, our hands also get a lot of sun through day-to-day activities such as driving and walking outside. 

Hands also tend to see the most sun exposure throughout the year, and require more than the occasional manicure to look their best. A quality sunscreen can keep your hands moisturized and looking healthy while protecting them from sun damage.

The benefits of using sunscreen for hands

Carrying around a tube of hand cream is common practice for many of us, so it makes sense to combine your cream with  a protective SPF. An SPF of 40 or higher is recommended for exceptional sun protection. It's important to remember to reapply every two hours or after your hands come in contact with water, which is why we recommend finding a product you absolutely love to use. If it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, you’re more likely to apply it regularly. 

Routinely applying sunscreen to your hands can help preserve the smooth, youthful appearance of your skin. As long as you’re using enough and applying it when recommended, you’ll reap the benefits: Skin will be hydrated, rough texture will get repaired and, best of all, your skin will be protected from damaging UV rays. These are just a few of the reasons why you’ll always want to keep a specially-formulated sunscreen for hands close by.

Promotes the best health

Just like you would take care to feed your body what it needs to remain healthy and vibrant, you can use a quality sunscreen to topically feed your skin what it needs to look and feel nourished. Sunscreen can double as a moisturizer, helping keep the skin elastic and full of essential proteins. Keratin is a protein in the skin that promotes healthy function and keeps it looking smooth. It’s also a great ingredient to look out for when purchasing a hand cream formulated with SPF.

Reduces cancer risks

A number of cancers  affect the skin, but  melanoma is the most dangerous. It’s an aggressive skin cancer that threatens people of all ages, but a high SPF sunscreen can provide cumulative protection when used regularly year round. Damaging UV rays are still present on cloudy days and through the winter, so sunscreen for hands is more than just a summertime product.

Keep skin looking fresh

With all the effort you put into keeping the skin on your face fresh, it makes sense to show the same attention to your hands. Sunlight exposure will increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and it can also cause age spots and skin discoloration. Even worse, sunburns cause permanent skin damage, which cannot be reversed. Using a hand cream formulated with SPF will protect this delicate area from sun-related damage while also keeping them looking their best. 

Sunscreen for hands encourages beautiful skin

If you haven’t been using sunscreen on your  hands, a good place to start is by rubbing on a high quality cream with a luxurious texture each morning. (Remember, the goal is to use something that’s a pleasure to reach for over and over again). SPF skincare products from Clair Obscur will leave your hands beautiful and healthy, while preventing unwanted ultraviolet damage. Our sleek, easy applicator makes safeguarding your skin a breeze. We can’t wait to get your hands on our best-in-class sun care products.