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Can you leave sunscreen in the car without ruining it?

Are you the type of person who likes to have sunscreen with you wherever you go? If so, congratulations on making a lifestyle decision to protect one of your most important assets — your skin!

Most skincare experts agree it’s a good idea to keep sunscreen with you at all times. This way, you can reapply it as needed to prevent sunburns and premature aging. However, certain activities make carrying sunscreen impossible (playing sports, for example). Can you leave sunscreen in the car, or will the heat ruin it? 

Here are a few possible outcomes if you leave your sunscreen in the car for prolonged periods of time.

Can you leave sunscreen in the car?

Sunscreen is a product that should hold up fine to heat, right? After all, you put it on your skin before spending time in direct sunlight. Shouldn’t it be all right to leave sunscreen in your car on a hot day? Many people think so, which is why they store sunscreen in their glove compartments.

Unfortunately, the answer is “No.” The temperature inside a vehicle can significantly fluctuate throughout the day. During the hot summer months, the extreme heat inside a closed vehicle can actually change the composition of sunscreen ingredients and make them less effective.

The best ways to preserve your sunscreen

As with all skincare products, sunscreen has a shelf life. To keep your sunscreen formula in optimal condition so it can do its job effectively, always store it in a cool, dry place, and check the expiration date.

It may not be possible to keep it entirely out of the sun if you’re taking your sunscreen with you to the beach or other sunny locations. However, you can still protect your sunscreen by storing the bottle in a shady or cool area. That might mean storing it in a side pocket of your drink cooler or underneath your beach umbrella or in your bag. Never leave it in your car where temperatures can skyrocket and damage the formula.

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Now that you know the drawbacks of leaving sunscreen in your car, it’s time to find a high-quality sunscreen that will give you the very best protection outdoors. If you’re tired of greasy or heavy formulas that leave your skin feeling itchy and irritated, sign up for updates about product launches from Clair Obscur. Our sun protection collection is formulated to feel like second skin while giving you superior defense against ultraviolet rays.