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Is it safe to use sunscreen during pregnancy?

Many women have questions about which products are safe to use during pregnancy. Aside from all the ways the body changes during pregnancy, the health and safety of the fetus can cause expectant mothers to rethink their health routines. Sunscreen safety is often a source of confusion: Is it safe to use sunscreen during pregnancy? If so, which brands and varieties are recommended? What ingredients should be avoided? 

If you’re confused about which type of sunscreen to use while you’re expecting, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the best sunscreens for pregnant women.

Is it safe to use sunscreen during pregnancy?

Health professionals conclude that it is safe to wear sunscreen while pregnant. In fact, it is highly recommended by notable organizations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Skin tends to experience increased sensitivity during pregnancy, which makes it especially susceptible to sun damage. Thus, it’s crucial to provide additional safeguards against the sun while pregnant.

What kinds of sunscreens can I use during pregnancy?

The most important distinction to make when selecting sunscreen during pregnancy is the difference between chemical and physical varieties. Both have different properties and active ingredients, so it’s essential to choose carefully between the two. Learn more about the difference between the two options and which kind is best suited for pregnancy.


Much of the fear surrounding sunscreen use during pregnancy stems from recent claims about the adverse effects of chemical filters. While proven to be safe for many skin types, chemical sunscreen is not advisable for pregnant women. While there is no conclusive evidence that chemical sunscreens affect human fetuses, some chemical filters have been shown to bioaccumulate in bodies and cause adverse effects in animals. Read the bottle carefully and consult with a doctor if you have questions.


The good news is that it is generally safe to use mineral sunscreen during pregnancy. Not only is mineral sunscreen generally recommended for those with sensitive skin, it’s also preferable for pregnant women. Mineral varieties feature zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as an active ingredient, both of which have been proven to work well with sensitive skin and are usually formulated and tested to be hypoallergenic. The FDA also lists zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the only two GRASE (generally regarded as safe and effective) sunscreen filters.

What if I have more questions about using sunscreen during pregnancy?

The most crucial step for getting answers to your health-related questions is to talk to your doctor, obstetrician, or a trusted healthcare professional. It is a good idea to consult with a professional about any products you plan to use while pregnant, including topical skincare products. While the guidance provided here is based on scientific research, everyone's body reacts differently to pregnancy. If you have doubts about a specific product or would like to verify the safety of your sunscreen choice, make sure to check with your doctor.

Shop confidently for sunscreen during pregnancy

The science has spoken: It’s safe to use mineral sunscreen during pregnancy. Armed with this information, you can shop for sunscreen with confidence. Learn more about our products at Clair Obscur and see how we're changing the world's relationship to sun care.