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Should you wear sunscreen even if you don’t burn?

It’s no secret that sunscreen can be a real skin-saver if you spend a lot of time outdoors, since sunscreen can protect skin from sunburns and other damage caused by UV rays. But what if your skin never burns? Maybe your skin tans when exposed to UV rays. Should you wear sunscreen even if you don't burn? The general consensus is “yes,” and here’s why.

Why should you wear sunscreen even if you don't burn?

If you don’t burn when you’re out in the sun, why should you wear sunscreen? Isn’t the primary purpose of sunscreen to prevent sunburns? These are natural questions to have if your skin doesn’t get burned after spending time in the sun.

Though sunscreen is primarily marketed as a product that prevents sunburn, its purpose goes far beyond that. Sunscreen doesn’t just protect against UVB rays (which are the rays that cause sunburns), but against UVA rays as well.

If you are wondering whether you should wear sunscreen even if you don’t burn, you should understand the risks of the sun's ultraviolet light. UVA rays contribute to premature aging by causing wrinkles, sun spots, and other types of sun damage that become more noticeable over time. Evidence also shows that UVA rays can contribute to the risk of skin cancer. So, even if your skin doesn’t get red and inflamed after exposure to the sun, those sneaky UVA rays could quietly be causing more serious damage than you think.

When should you apply sunscreen?

It’s always a good idea to apply sunscreen at the start of each day. Maybe you’re heading out on your commute or just popping in and out for errands. Even if you’re staying indoors, if you work next to an open window, it’s just as important to put sunscreen on! It’s also a good idea to take a bottle of sunscreen with you so you can reapply as the day goes on.

Rub sunscreen on any areas that will be exposed to the sun, including your face, ears, and neck. Consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection. These extra steps hardly take any time, but they can prevent a lifetime of sun damage if you are consistent.

Find the answer to the question: Should you wear sunscreen even if you don’t burn?

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