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Why we started Clair Obscur: Reinventing sun care

We're building Clair Obscur because we believe the world needs a safe, trustworthy sun care brand. Just as importantly, we believe that good design is critical to changing behavior for the better. We strive to be a brand that's sought after for its high-quality, eye-catching products. We know it's not enough to have safe products when there are so many other reasons people shy away from sun protection. We want to reimagine the entire category so that people desire it, even crave it, rather than see it as a hassle.

Our brand is inspired by the beautiful designs and products we see around us, from architecture to electronics to fashion to beauty. Sunscreen shouldn't be a disposable tube or bottle that lives in a medicine cabinet or at the bottom of a beach bag, and sun protective clothing and accessories shouldn't just be for the beach.

Sun care belongs out in the world with us — when we run errands or head out for a meeting; when we have lunch at an outdoor cafe; when we go for an afternoon stroll; when we play a round of golf or go for a bike ride; even when we sit at a window checking our emails. Literally every day, in every season, sun care matters.

Our goal is to make people see sun care as something that should always be with them, an extension of themselves. It should be a signature part of who they are, something that enables them to live their lives fully and truly enjoy the world around them. It should serve both as a companion and as a protector against the damaging effects of the sun.

We're excited to officially launch Clair Obscur and to share our vision of reinventing sun protection from the ground up. Join us as we elevate sun care from a chore to something we all crave.